Book a business trip

Are you going on a business trip? Learn how to do step by step, by first creating a travel profile and a travel reques. Read also information about corporate eurocard, travel expenses and insurance.

Before travel

Before you go on a business travel, make sure you have done all the preparations.

  1. Your travel profile must be created and updated before you can book a trip. Manual - Create your traveler profile (pdf 98 kB)  After creating your profile, you need to wait about 30 minutes before entering the Egencia online system.
  2. Create your travel request and have it approved by the department manager before you book a trip.

Book a travel

When your travel request is approved, you can go ahead and book your trip.

  1. Book the trip online KTH-RES Egencia online: step-by-step (pdf 236 kB)  or by calling KTH's travel agency, Egencia.
  2. Insurance and cancellation insurance.
  3. Arrange a debit card (Eurocard), so called FUP-card, for expenses during your trip.
  4. Connect your transactions from the debit card (Eurocard),to the KTH-RES so you will be able to acces all your expenses.

After your travel

When you are home again, you need to make a Travel Expense Report.

  1. To get reimbursment you need to make an expense report Reimbursment,
  2. More information to think about when you do your expense report Travel Expenses
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