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The switchboard will help you with InConference, telephone meetings and party report.

Ordinary opening hours: The switchboard is reached weekdays 08:00-16:30 at 08-790 6000

Please note that it´s closed during Holidays and working day between holidays and on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Midsummer Eve.
Maundy Thursday: 08:00-12:00

Internal number 10 from Analog, Digital and IP phone and 399 from Mobile Extension.

The switchboard of KTH will help you with:

  • Connect calls
  • Provide calls outside KTH from internal callers
  • Send messages
  • InConference for telephone meetings
  • Do certain changes in the telephone system
  • Connect calls on 9200


Internal number: 10 from Analog, Digital, and IP telefon 399 from Mobile Extension. E-mail:

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