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Orders and administration

We offer employees at Brinellvägen 8, Teknikringen 1, Drottning Kristinas väg 4-6, Drottning Kristinas väg 48 and Osquars backe 31 help with orders and administration regarding new employees as following.

Please note that you need to contact us at least three weeks beforehand in order to handle your order.
You will get a reply by the next workday after we have recieved your order. If you have not recieved your order, you can call us at the service number 9200 during office hours for support.
For events, you will get an offer within a week to consider.

You can turn to us for assistance regarding the following:

  • Base packages for new employees as well as removing permissions after the end of employment
  • Ordering flowers for events
  • Ordering couriers

 We can help you with the administration for these services but the department ordering them will take the cost for them. The department will also be responsible that the guidelines for fair representation regarding services are followed. See the guidelines below.

Riktlinje om representation, personalvårdsförmåner och gåvor

Base package for new employee

We can help you provide some of the base permissions for new employees. Fill out the form below and we will solve the following things:

  • WIKS-account (Windows account, you will need to order access to department folders and shared mail accounts separately).
  • Name and phone number on the intraweb
  • Physical mailbox
  • Nameplate for the office
  • Access card
  • Flower arrangement
  • For new employees in the KTH-building (Brinellvägen 8) we can provide a tour.
  • A "welcome to KTH" email with some tips and links as well as information about the fire safety.

What you need to provide as a supervisor is:

  • Information specific to your department
  • Providing equipment
  • Ordering for specific department accesses/permissions

Link to form regarding services for new employees
Form for new employees at GVS

Start of employment checklist

End of employment

Do you have an employee that has just ended their employment? Click the link to the form below and we will help you to remove accesses and subscription services.

Link to form for end of employment

Form for end of employment at GVS

Flower arrangements

When ordering flowers, be aware that we will use the suppliers that have contracts with KTH, which are Melanders Blommor and Makalösa Blommor respectively. See the form below.

Link to form for flower arrangements

Ordering of flower arrangements


When ordering couriers we use the suppliers that have contracts with KTH.

We can help with the following types of courier services:

  • Express deliveries within the greater Stockholm area, Sweden, EU and the rest of the world, with a guaranteed window of delivery.

Link to form for courier services

Ordering of couriers

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