Crisis and crisis support

Immediate threats to life, health or property

  • KTH emergency number 7700 (08-790 7700)

    Reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries

    Call SOS Alarm (00)112 to contact rescue services, ambulance, police etc. Call the University emergency number 7700 (08-790 7700)

  • In he event of a serious incident, or when in immediate need of a security officer, call the University emergency number 08-790 7700

  • Show rescue services, ambulance and police the way to the accident site.

Get a quick overview

  • What has happened?
  • How many are affected?
  • Protect the affected from further stress, support them and do not leave them alone.
  • Has anyone been injured?
  • Is anyone still at the accident site?
  • Evacuate the work place if necessary
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