Self-control Fireprotection


Self-control of fire protection aims to systematically check that the technical fire protection and the operating premises together provide the opportunity for handling fire or risks, early detection and safe evacuation.


This routine applies to the entire KTH, school-specific descriptions may occur and be applied in addition to those stated here.


The Dean must, by establishing the systematic fire protection work, ensure that there is an organization that provides scope for self-monitoring of the fire protection. Self-control is carried out by the person who has the delegation or has been assigned the task.


Whoever has the task should:

  • Know the purpose, objectives and extent of the task.
  • Have a good knowledge of the design and risks of the business.
  • Have good local knowledge of their respective area.
  • Have knowledge of the origin of fire.
  • Have knowledge of basic principles of fire protection.
  • Have good knowledge of the location and design of escape routes and extinguishing equipment.
  • Knowledge of a safe place for people with disabilities.

Administrative support

In support of the self-inspection, a checklist has been created, the checklist provides the opportunity to check basic, document, in case of deviation report and follow up fire protection.


Self-control fire protection must be carried out quarterly or more closely in relation to the business's conditions or design / orientation.
A checklist is drawn up for each floor plan or an organizational area. Instructions and guidance are shown in the function buttons in the checklist. For each control point there is a listing trap where detailed information on risk or deviation is noted. Be sure to specify the equipment ID, specific room / corridor lab, etc., and geographical location.

Checklista egenkontroll brandskydd


Reporting of self-control, shortage, risk and error reporting is done by submitting the checklist to the security group via mail (function key in the checklist).


The safety function at KTH and the school shall mutually follow up the reported deficiency, risk and error so that normal and safe function is regained promptly. Documentation of completed self-inspection must be filed at the school and be available for supervision.

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