Evacuation Leader

Please read the description of the evacuation leader's task.


The purpose of this function page is to describe the evacuation leader's task and provide support for this by clarifying extent and knowledge requirements based on the instruction, systematic fire protection work at KTH.


This function description applies to the entire KTH, school-specific descriptions can occur and be applied in addition to those stated here.

Evacuation leader shall:

  • Know the purpose, objectives and extent of the task.
  • Have good local knowledge of their respective area.
  • Have good knowledge of the location and design of escape routes and extinguishing equipment.
  • Knowledge of local gathering place.
  • Knowledge of KTH campus reassembly site.
  • Knowledge of a safe place for people with disabilities.
  • Undergo training and practice according to this instruction.


  • Evacuation manager in business premises: Employees with the task of invoking evacuation in case of fire or other cause, and guiding to the reassembly site.
  • Evacuation leader / lecturer in gathering room (lecture hall, auditorium for more than 150 people): Is automatically the one who leads teaching or lecture.


  • KTH specific evacuation leader training.
  • Basic fire protection training.
  • Evacuation Exercise


Preventive fire protection work

  • In functions systematically inform employees, students and visitors about evacuation routes and reassembly places.
  • In an assembly hall, information must be given on every occasion for teaching or lecture.

In case of an alarm, a fire warning, or other cause that requires evacuation

  • Wear warning vest.
  • Order evacuation.
  • Alarm 112 and then 790 7700 (KTH's alarm number).
  • Form an estimation if the premise/premises are evacuated.
  • Assist and guide through the nearest smoke-free evacuation route to the designated collection point and remain there until the fire protection officer has stated otherwise.
  • Announce evacuation status for their respective premises to the fire protection officer.
  • At the gathering point, contribute to calm and inform.
  • On order from the fire protection officer, or the fire department's rescue manager, notify the returning to the premises.
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