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Risks of threats and violence

Violence varies from physical assault to harassment in the form of threats via letter or telephone. Violence can be used deliberately to achieve certain goals or arise when the setting “invites” criminal action.

Several different tasks and work environments that may present a risk of threats and violence are presented here.

Working with people

Professions that have a lot of direct contact with people may be particularly exposed. Aggressive actions or threats are often directed at staff members who have a service function or when they are exercising their public authority roles.

Even over the internet (e.g. via email or social media), threats and abuse are serious phenomena that present the risk of ill health for the victims.

Working in public environments

Another example of risk is when one or more people “take over” a public facility (e.g. library, school, train or bus). Threats to personnel can be very subtle here and are rarely expressed openly.

If a situation with threats or violence arises

Preventive measures sometimes prove insufficient and situations may arise. KTH’s instruction document and checklists in respect of crisis support are available here . There need to be local, workplace procedures setting out how you are to react if anyone is injured or is a victim of threats or violence. Any employee who is exposed to a threat or actual violence must rapidly receive help and support to prevent or alleviate both physical and mental harm. The occurrence must then be reported as a near miss or an occupational injury in accordance with KTH's routines for reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries.

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