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Phone threats at KTH

The purpose of this information page is to provide key functions and employees with support when dealing with threats that arrive by phone.
Phone threats can be aimed at an employee, school or KTH as a government agency. The primary task is to confirm the source, assess the risk and evaluate the threat level. An impact assessment analysis is performed and action is planned to prevent and limit unwanted effects for employees, students, KTH’s operations and the KTH brand.
Support in the form of a checklist is applicable for the whole of KTH. School-specific instructions may exist and be applied in addition to those set out here.


It is a good idea to save the checklist locally, or to print it out so that it is available in the event of a threat communicated to KTH.

Dealing with phone threats

  • Alert your nearest colleagues to the fact that you are dealing with a phone threat.
  • Open the checklist for phone threats and make notes: Checklist - phone threats (Hot på telefon-checklista)
  • If possible, set up sound monitoring for a colleague who can also make notes or raise the alarm.
  • Notify your line manager as quickly as possible that you have received a phone threat.
  • Alert KTH on +46 8 790 77 00.
  • Await further instructions from your line manager.
  • Counteract the spreading of rumours, do not pass on information about the threat to anyone other than your line manager.
  • Share the checklist with the KTH Head of Security and your line manager.

Risk analysis and management

The Head of Security collaborates with the Crisis Management Group and any parties concerned by and necessary for the threat. The Crisis Management Group decides on action to be taken, which information is to be communicated within KTH and when.

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Last changed: Oct 07, 2021