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KTH about COVID-19 (coronavirus)

KTH gives priority to ensuring that our students can complete their education while we work to reduce the spread of infection. We plan for alternative teaching and examination forms whenever possible. KTH mainly follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency with regard to COVID-19. In addition, the President of KTH, as head of a government agency, makes the necessary decisions.

The President has the 4:th of June taken a decision regarding education during the autumn semester 2020 (document number V-2020-0410) . It was followed by a decision 16:th of June regarding adapting work place activities for staff (document number V-2020-0450) . 

Information on the linked pages has been updated with regards to this.

You are also welcome to follow the President’s blog .

Are you interested in supporting research at KTH regarding COVID-19? Read more at Support KTH .

Avoid the spread of infection

Remember that you have a personal responsibility not to spread the infection. Read more on the Public Health Agency's page Protect yourself and others from spread of infection .

Check your facts

Always check information obtained from media and social media with the information published by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (website mainly in Swedish) as misconceptions and rumors are not uncommon.

For general information about COVID-19, call 113 13. If you have any questions regarding your own health, please get in contact with the Swedish health care system by telephone 1177, visit  (Swedish), other languages .

The latest internal news due to the current situation

KTH's coordination group

KTH has a coordination group that works to raise issues that need to be addressed directly and those that are of a more long-term nature with a focus on students being able to complete their education. The group meets regularly to update decisions based on needs.

KTH has dialogues with other universities, both national and international, to both share and learn how we can adapt to alternative teaching and examination. KTH also has dialogues with other Swedish government agencies, such as UHR, CSN, and Migrationsverket, about how to handle the situation in the best possible way.

Kjell Carli, Communications and Business Liaisons, GVS
Johanna Blomqvist, Communications and Business Liaisons, GVS
Jill Klackenberg, Management Communications officer

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