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Information for employees regarding the coronavirus

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Working on campus and remotely

The previous call to work from home ended from 16 August, which means that the workplace is now on campus. The pandemic-linked restrictions, for example for how many people that are allowed to be in different rooms, ceased 29 September.

Studies and exams

Autumn semester 2021

 On 29 September, the Government’s restrictions regarding the number of people who are allowed to congregate ended. The same applies to KTH's operations, and current restrictions due to the pandemic have ceased.

With regard to teaching at KTH, the directions outlined in “scenario low” will continue to apply.

The furnishing in classrooms, that was adapted to the conditions during the period of restrictions, has been restored.


In case of infection or illness

If you start to have symptoms indicating a possible COVID-19 infection it is important that you immediately go home, avoiding contact with other people. It is important for everyone with symptoms to be tested to verify if there is an ongoing infection or not. 

Call 1177 (Healthcare Guide) for advice if you have symptoms.

From 1 November, not everyone with symptoms need to be tested.

If you as an employee have been exposed to COVID-19 in connection with work, your manager is obliged to, without delay, report it to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Notification of a serious incident must also be made if the manager subsequently becomes aware that an employee has been exposed. It is therefore important that you notify your manager if you suspect that you have been infected in connection with work.

  • Information on reporting sick leave and risk groups can be found on the page In case of illness .

If a student tests positive

In case a student has tested positive for COVID-19, he/she should contact the corresponding study counsellor (who is bound by professional secrecy) or course leader/examiner, who in turn will report to the school’s educational administration manager. Note that KTH faculty and staff shall treat such cases as confidential. Thereafter a decision will be made by the Director of First and Second Cycle Education, in consultation with Vice President for Education and Head of School in question, regarding suitable measures.


This information is now found on the page occupational health care .

Business travel

National and international business trips can be carried out, but they must be in line with current restrictions and recommendations (if such exist) from the government, the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All business trips must be preceded by an approved travel order.

Meetings and conferences

Physical meetings must take place in line with current restrictions and recommendations (if such exist) from the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency. 


With a valid parking sticker that entitles you to reduced fee/staff fee, parking is free at KTH's (Akademiska hus/Aimo Park) ground parking areas at KTH Campus and in Kista and Solna up to and including 31 December 2021. Otherwise fees apply.

Thesis defence

The defense of doctoral theses/dissertations may be held on campus and digitally. Doctoral thesis and licentiate seminars are open to the public and are, where applicable, subject to the Government's restrictions on public gatherings. Digital defense of doctoral thesis/dissertation and licentiate seminars are encouraged partly for quality reasons (increased opportunities for international participation in the grading committee and as an opponent), and partly for sustainability reasons (reduced travel).

All doctoral thesis/dissertations and licentiate seminars must be digitally accessible for spectators.

See also thesis, thesis defence and qualification .