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Autumn semester 2020

KTH is opening for on-campus education for the autumn semester 2020 and has decided to gradually give students access to all KTH premises starting Saturday 1 August 2020.

Teaching will be carried out on all KTH-campuses in accordance to the government’s information and the recommendations made by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Teaching that would normally gather a lot of students in one lecture hall will be replaced by alternative formats, for instance digitally or in smaller groups.

Starting autumn semester, beginning 24 August 2020, examinations will primarily be carried out through other methods than in-class examinations. Written examinations supervised over Zoom will be phased out during the autumn semester. Deviation from established course plans regarding the format of examination may take place during the autumn semester 2020.

When KTH opens for on-campus based education in the autumn semester, some of the welcome activities for new students will be carried out digitally instead of in-person information sessions in auditoriums. Other parts of the welcome activities will take place on campus. KTH account details and access cards will be distributed on campus. All social activities will follow the recommendations made by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Outgoing exchange students from KTH that are able to take their exchange place at the receiving university may do so. Those who are not able to participate in their exchange placement will be able to continue their programme at KTH in autumn 2020 and will be offered exchange studies in the following semester instead if possible. Incoming exchange students will be offered their placement at KTH as planned.

Tuition fee paying students will be offered a full refund for the tuition fees for autumn semester 2020 until the start of the semester. There will not be any extended payment plans accepted.

The conditions are subject to change based on the information and recommendations made by the government and other public authorities.

COVID-19 related FAQs for students coming to KTH:

Studies and exams spring semester 2020

Please note: The President has May 13 decided that the re-exams in August will also take place remotely. It will not be possible to raise grades ("plussning") during these re-exams.

The number one priority is to secure the students’ education. The education must continue, albeit in a different format. Studies and exams will take place remotely for the rest of the semester, up until and including re-exams in August. The spring semester will not be extended, examination will be held as usual, but will be done digitally and remotely.

Study period 4 started as planned on Monday, March 16. Forms of teaching and examination may differ from the course plan during this study period. Studies and exams take place remotely.


All exams will take place remotely during the rest of the spring semester and during the re-exam period in August. Please note that only those who have registered before deadline will be allowed to do an exam.

Raising grades ("plussning")

According to regulation about course grades KTH's schools must allow students to raise their grades in course or course components (using the grade scale A–F) as long as this is felt to be appropriate. Given the work situation that currently prevails for KTH’s staff will re-examination in order to raise grades (”plussning” in Swedish) not be permitted during the rest of the spring semester. This includes the re-exam period in August. 

Physical access to KTH

As mentioned above, KTH has decided to gradually give students access to all KTH premises starting Saturday 1 August 2020. However, until then and due to the government recommendation of March 17, all entrances to KTH premises on all campuses are locked as from Wednesday, March 18 and students do not have access.

KTH is still available through its standard digital channels, phone and mail.

Remote access to computer labs

There is now a solution for remote access to KTH lab computers through a web interface. There is a list over the computer lab rooms that have the possibility for remote access, and from there it is possible to access one of the physical computers in that room. The access is one-to-one, i.e. each physical computer can only have one remote user. Instructions for access

International travel

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to all countries until July 15.

Students should not travel abroad as part of their studies at KTH.

If you are currently abroad, follow instructions issued by local authorities.

Questions and Answers

I am studying at KTH and I am concerned about the spread of COVID-19. What is KTH doing about this, and what can I do?
At present, classes continue as usual but as distance education.
You can help by trying to reduce the spread of infection. Remain at home when you are sick. Wash your hands frequently. Cough and sneeze into the bend of your elbow. According to the Infection Protection Act , it is everybody’s responsibility to act in order to prevent the spread of infection. 

Are the student union's, THS, premises on the KTH Campus also closed?
Yes, they are closed until further notice. Read more on the THS website .

What about my insurance during remote studying?
On April 16th the Swedish government decided that the personal injury insurance students are covered by in higher education also will apply during distance studies within Sweden´s borders. This decision is valid during the time the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommend studies on universities to be held remotely.
Read more about personal injury insurance .

I have been an incoming exchange student at KTH, but was forced to terminate my studies and go home. What do I do now?
You will be given the opportunity to complete your studies remotely.

I have a housing contract with KTH Accommodation, can I alter my contract if I want to go home earlier? 
If you have received information from your home university that you need to return home due to COVID-19 or if you personally feel the need to return home due to the effects of the virus, please email . Please visit KTH Accommodations webpage  to see what kind of documents you need to forward/attach or if you want more information.

I was supposed to do a Minor Field Study in another country as a part of my degree project (KEX). What do I do?
You will be given the opportunity to do your degree project in Sweden. Your supervisor will contact you.

I am doing my degree project at a company. How am I affected?
Follow the instructions given by your employer. If you are unable to finalise your degree project as planned, you will be given the opportunity to do it at KTH. For more information contact your supervisor.

I am currently doing School Placement. How am I affected?
Follow the instructions provided by the school that you are placed in. If the situation changes, contact your programme study counselor. If you are in placement and belong to a group of higher risk (according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden) you can chose to abstain to do a placement at the moment and do it during the autumn instead. 

Can I, despite the situation, travel abroad as part of my degree project if I agree on this with my supervisor?
If you make such a trip, KTH will not accept your degree project.

Zoom is currently being used a lot in teaching and for meetings. But Zoom is a US cloud based service, is it really OK for KTH to use it?
The Zoom service used by the universities in the Nordic countries is not the same as the public service, but a separate installation within NORDUnet. NORDUnet is an association between the university data networks in the five Nordic countries, including Swedish SUNET. The physical servers are located in the Nordic countries, and so is the cloud service being used as back-up. The installation is GDPR compliant and personal data is stored within EU. NORDUnet is responsible for the agreement with Zoom and monitors its compliance with rules and regulations.

How do I find out how the digital exams are going to be performed?
The examiner will post information on Canvas during the week before the exam. The information may also be e-mailed to you.

Kjell Carli, Communications and Business Liaisons, GVS
Jill Klackenberg, Management Communications officer

[Information first published January 27 and has since been updated]
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