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KTH and COVID-19

KTH has dialogues with other universities to both share and learn how we can adapt to the situation. KTH also has dialogues with other Swedish government agencies about how to handle the situation in the best possible way.

KTH's COVID-19 management

KTH gives priority to ensuring that our students can complete their education while we work to reduce the spread of infection. We plan for alternative teaching and examination forms whenever needed and possible. KTH mainly follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency with regard to COVID-19. In addition, the President of KTH, as head of a government agency, makes the necessary decisions.

A planning group, led by the University Director, and consisting of the department managers of the University Administration and two communications officers, meets when needed. The group continuously monitors the situation, coordinates actions and initiates new actions. The group reports to the President and is also responsible for overall communication regarding COVID-19.

A coordination group, led by the President and consisting of the University Director, Heads of Schools, Deputy President, Dean, Vice President for Education, selected heads of the university administration, student representatives and communication officers, meets when necessary. Decisions of high importance are discussed in the group. The current situation at KTH is also analyzed and new matters can be introduced.

GUx is led by the Vice President for Education and consists of the Undergraduate Studies Committee (GU) and other relevant functions, depending on needs. The group is responsible for matters regarding the pandemic’s effect on studies. They also prepare decisions within the field and develop practical guidelines based on the President’s decisions. 

The working group for digitalization of education   is working to ensure that KTH have access to digital tools and systems, guidance, education and educational materials in order to be able to further develop digital education and examination, on-campus as well as remotely.

A communications coordination group consisting of the communications officers from the planning group, the communications officer responsible for student communication and the communications officer from the working group for digitalization of education meets when necessary. The group coordinates communication activities aimed at different target groups.

Latest internal news with regards to COVID-19

Information on COVID-19

For general information about COVID-19, call 113 13. If you have any questions regarding your own health, please get in contact with the Swedish health care system by telephone 1177, visit  (Swedish), other languages .

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