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KTH’s emergency number 08-790 7700 for special incidents and crises

Raising the alarm at an early stage and initiating KTH’s crisis organisation are a precondition for the ability to prevent, arrest and limit consequences of a special incident.

KTH’s emergency number 08-790 7700 is monitored by SOS Alarm, who receive and convey alarm cases in accordance with instructions issued by KTH.


KTH’s emergency number is available for the whole of KTH every day, around the clock.

You can call 08-790 7700 to report special incidents such as serious accidents, threats or fire. Other incidents dealt with at the alarm centre are:

  • Accident
  • Accident involving a person
  • Attack
  • Bomb threat
  • Disaster
  • Discharge of fuel
  • Environmental damage
  • Fire
  • Robbery/threat

Please note that the alarm centre does not accept cases relating to residential accommodation.

The operator will ask for and make a note of:

  • Address, where the incident happened
  • Campus, Building, room or hall
  • What happened
  • Whether the caller has alerted 112  
  • Name, phone number and mobile number for contact purposes
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Last changed: Jan 20, 2022