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Special incident or crisis at KTH

A special incident is sudden, unforeseen and requires special interventions and resources. A special incident can occur unintentionally, such as a serious accident, intentionally in the form of a threat or a terrorist attack, but also through natural disasters. At KTH there must be an organisational ability, operational skills and administrative skills to respond to and deal with special incidents that occur.

Interventions must aim to secure the lives and health of employees, students and visitors. They must prevent and limit damage to KTH’s brand, property and environment. Work on interventions must be maintained continuously in processes in order that the organisation can return to normal mode as quickly as possible.

A special incident can develop into a crisis situation, depending on where it occurs, its extent and how it affects the organisation. A special incident can affect KTH regardless of whether it occurs locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

A crisis will seriously damage, disrupt or threaten KTH’s operations. KTH’s safety policy shall state that the ability to deal with a crisis at KTH must be high and the process clearly formulated at central level and within the schools. KTH’s crisis management plan states how KTH identifies, evaluates and classifies the special incident and decides whether it is to be considered and handled as a crisis, thus involving KTH centrally with its resources, or whether it should be handled locally within the school.

Security Policy  (Swedish)
Instruction for special incident or crises at KTH  (Swedish)

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Last changed: Mar 05, 2021