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Important phone numbers in case of emergency or crisis

Here you will find important telephone numbers to use if an emergency or crisis arises within KTH.

Are you depressed and need someone to talk to? Contacts outside of KTH.

National emergency number: 112 

The national emergency number 112 must be used in urgent emergency situations when there is a danger to life, property or the environment. An emergency situation is when you need fast assistance from ambulance, emergency services, police, air, sea or mountain rescue, on-call priest or toxicity information. SOS Alarm important numbers

KTH’s security number: 08-790 7700

To inform KTH about special incidents, which include serious accidents, threats or fire, that have occurred at KTH or in some other way affect KTH. The nummber can also be used to report theft, intruder, insecurity factors and request accompaniment by a security guard within the campus area.
KTH’s emergency number 08-790 7700 for special incidents and crises

About guarding at KTH

National information number: 113 13

Used to submit or obtain information about serious accidents and crises.
113 13 (scroll down on the linked page)

Police, (non-emergency): 114 14

For all cases not relating to ongoing or recently occurred crimes and incidents.
114 14 (scroll down on the linked page)

Healthcare guide: 1177

If you or a relative fall ill and need to consult a nurse or if you need help finding your way in the healthcare system.
1177 (scroll down on the linked page)

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