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Management of operational risks at KTH

KTH must identify and evaluate operational risks and calculate what costs arise, or may arise, in respect of them. KTH must also take appropriate measures to limit risks and prevent damage or losses in its operations.

Risk management work at KTH encompasses risk management in accordance with the regulation (1995:1300), risk identification, risk assessment and risk analysis. According to the regulation, KTH has an agreement with the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency on operational insurance, which means that KTH’s risks are assumed by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

These pages provide you with information about operations-related risk management work at KTH, as well as support in risk mitigation work and the use of administrative tools.

The safety function constitutes the central support function for operations-related risk management issues at KTH, by adopting an advisory role and offering administrative support in risk mitigation work.

With knowledge of why damage occurs and where, and to what extent, we can use risk management work to create the conditions to prevent damage from occurring, or limit its consequences.

When we become aware of damage, we also have an opportunity to investigate the cause and measure the impact on our operations. This in turn provides better conditions for planning operations from a continuity perspective.

Accumulated knowledge about damage in operations also provides the basis for the necessary risk cost work, work that provides base data to determine what level of protection KTH must maintain and what cost it has to balance.

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Last changed: Jun 10, 2021