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Internal supervision and inventory

Internal supervision

In order to be able to detect risks in time and to obtain a clear, up-to-date picture of KTH’s combined operations involving ionising radiation, operational visits will take place once a year. During these visits, there will be inspections of the physical locations where the work is carried out and discussions of how local radiation safety is working with people in the operation as well as with those who are responsible for the operation. The internal supervisory inspection is conducted by KTH’s contact person, the radiation safety expert and the administrative coordinator. The school’s contact person must also be present during these visits. The internal supervisory inspection is minuted and any deviations that emerge must be rectified no later than two months after the visit.


An annual inventory must be produced of KTH’s holding of radioactive sources and technical equipment capable of generating ionising radiation. This inventory process takes place in January and is initiated by the administrative coordinator for radiation safety, who sends out a template for the inventory to the contact person at each school.

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Last changed: Jun 10, 2021