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Surveillance at KTH

KTH must be perceived as a safe and secure place for KTH’s staff, students and visitors.
In support of this, surveillance is performed by security guards with the aim of helping to prevent the risk of damage and loss through fire, water, climate and environmental impact, vandalism, attacks and unauthorised access, as well as unauthorised access to KTH’s premises.

KTH’s provider of security/surveillance services works in accordance with instructions issued by KTH’s security group, and performs area surveillance 24/7 with high availability and presence within all KTH’s campus areas.

Security staff respond to alarms caused by burglary, fire, through KTH’s security support and KTH’s crisis emergency number, supervise buildings and premises where KTH conducts operations, and provide contact with employees, students and contractors. Security staff also visit events and gatherings for employees and students.

Services are performed with significant scope for spontaneous monitoring. Security staff collaborate actively with KTH’s security function in conventional surveillance, at conferences and official visits, as well as responses to alarms and in connection with special events.

KTH’s schools have the opportunity to reinforce security in their premises with targeted surveillance by means of patrolling security staff on an ongoing basis.
Enhanced extra surveillance on the school’s premises can be provided in individual cases.
Any extra or enhanced surveillance must be coordinated with the security group.

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Last changed: Jun 09, 2021