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Security support

Security support at KTH 08-790 7700


KTH’s security work is intended to make it difficult for unauthorised persons to gain access to KTH’s premises in order to prevent the risk of insecurity, and to prevent the risk of damage and loss through fire, water, climate and environmental impact, vandalism, theft and unauthorised access.

KTH’s suppliers of security services offer opportunities for employees and students to obtain support in the event of incidents both of serious and non-urgent natures.


Security support is available for the whole of KTH every day, around the clock. Security support is connected to the alarm centre with which KTH has an agreement. The alarm centre is staffed constantly and receives cases in accordance with special instructions from KTH.

You can report theft, intruder, insecurity factors and request accompaniment by a security guard within the campus area on 790 7700. Other incidents dealt with at the alarm centre are:

• Report of broken glass
• Water leak
• Fault in lift (support for persons in lift)
• Power cut, outside office hours

If you make a call, state that security support is requested for the incidents/cases specified. Please note that the emergency services do not respond to cases relating to housing, requests for access to premises or the handling of forgotten personal belongings.

The operator will ask for and make a note of:

• Who is calling
• Which phone number the caller can be contacted on
• Which address/School/Department/Room or premises the case involves
• Case description
• Whether any action has been taken by the caller

The nummer 790 7700 can also be used in the event of danger, serious accident or criminal act in progress. In that case, call 112; then inform KTH via the emergency number, 790 7700.

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Last changed: Aug 30, 2023