In case of emergency and crises

In danger of life, property and environment

  • Call 112 to reach ambulance, police, rescue service, fire brigade, poison information, doctor on call. Also inform KTH at the alarm number 7700.
  • I case of a serious incident or need of acute guardian support, call the KTH alarm number 7700.
  • Meet the rescue vehicles – to show the direction for the rescue personnel and police.
  • Evacuate the workplace if necessary.
  • In case of chemical spills: cordon of the affected area / hall / lab.

Get a quick overview

  • What has happened?
  • How many persons are affected?
  • Is anyone hurt?
  • Is there anyone left in the area of the accident?
  • Protect the victims from further stress, do not leave them alone. Provide human support.

KTH Crisis Management

KTH has an agreement with SOS Alarm to operate KTH:s emergency number.
The alarm number is available round the clock and covers all operations at KTH.

In case of an emergent situation the head of KTH Security, or the acting head of KTH Crisis Management Group, determines if the matter will be handled by the Crisis Management Team, security manager or the school concerned. In case actions have been taken on a call to 08-790 77 00 the relevant school will be given feedback:

  • Working time within an hour
  • No working time within 24 hours


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