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Lecture halls that are being renovated during the summer of 2019

During the summer will lecture halls and computer rooms in the M-building be renovated. In the main building are test halls and rooms being built as a first step of the restoration process. The renovations are expected to be completed by the beginning of the term.


Lecture halls

Lecture halls to be renovated are: M31, M32, M33, M35, M36 as well as the environment outside the halls.

Room layout

To make it possible for the students to be closer to the teacher and the blackboards, will the halls be turned so that the two blackboards are located on the long wall instead of the short wall.

Two blackboards and one projector will be installed in all halls except M33. You will be able to connect your computer to the projector by using either HDMI or a wireless connection.

In the M33 will two projectors, microphone and an app solution for the ear loop be installed.

Other changes comprise of the OH projectors being removed and the remote control being replaced with wall mounted system controls.

Computer rooms

Computer rooms that are to be renovated are: Prosit, Glader, Toker, Kloker, Trötter and Butter.

The computer rooms will be equipped with two whiteboards and a projector. You will be able to connect your computer to the projector using either HDMI or a wireless connection.

Main building

During the summer and until October will the following rooms be renovated: E2, E36 (will be ready for the start of the semester), Reading room (1323) and Study environment (1333/1449), computer room Röd and group room. E31 will be rebuilt and become KTH's first so-called ALC hall.

The rooms will retain their current room layout and functionality. One new feature is that you will now be able to connect your computer to the projector either with HDMI or wireless connection.

Computer room Röd will in addition to new furnishings also be equipped with a projector and a whiteboard.

Active Learning Classroom – ALC (E31)

Active Learning Classrooms are spaces that are designed to support teaching and learning in an atmosphere conducive to engaging students actively in their own learning. In an ALC classroom students collaborate in groups with technical equipment that facilitates peer review and peer learning.

The E31 will therefore in addition to the whiteboard and projector, also be equipped with six screens for group work.

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