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Equality, diversity and equal treatment

​JML stands for equality, diversity and equal treatment. The CBH school's JML work includes a working group that meets once a month to discuss these issues.


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The JML group's task is to make JML issues visible at the CBH school in order to improve and strengthen the organization around the local work around equality, diversity and equal treatment.

The JML group’s work is based on the following questions:

  • How can we create a more inclusive atmosphere at the school?
  • How does occurring issues come to our knowledge?
  • Which problems are specific for the CBH School?

JML Group

The JML group is composed based on KTH's policy document. For more information about the roles and JML work at KTH, you can read more here, Plan for continued work for a gender equal KTH.


Amelie Eriksson Karlström, Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment

Group members

Sara Leoni, Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment Partner
Marie Larson, Head of administration
Per Dalhammar, Education Manager
Ander Clenander, Teacher representative, Engineering Pedagocics
Patrik Ståhl, Teacher representative, Gene Technology
Niclas Hjelm, Teacher representative, Division of Basic Science Education
Ines Ezcurra,Safety Representative
Linnea Flood, Student Representative, TryggO
Sofie Fröjdman, Student Representative