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Amelie on the new Albano campus

Published Sep 20, 2023

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about the new Albano campus, which is being inaugurated this week.

This week, the new campus area Albano, where KTH and Stockholm University have premises, will be inaugurated. The inauguration lasts for four days and several of the CBH School's researchers are participating in the programme. For example, on Saturday you can take a tour of the bioprocessing pilot plant, which is located on the ground floor of AlbaNova's main building and is run by the Department of Industrial Biotechnology.

The old part of the campus, AlbaNova, was inaugurated in 2001 and KTH and Stockholm University have jointly operated there since then. It also houses Vetenskapens Hus, with activities for school students and teachers. The new Albano campus is located just north of AlbaNova's main building and consists of around 10 buildings. The construction of the new campus started eight years ago and the area has been quite busy at times during the construction period. I know that many of the CBH School's employees in AlbaNova have been disturbed by noise during the work and it is great that the construction is finally finished and that the new area has become so nice!