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Amelie about the JML work at CBH

Published Mar 22, 2023

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about the CBH School's work with equality, diversity and equal conditions.

This week, we had the first meeting of the year in the school's JML group. JML stands for equality, diversity and equal conditions. We talked about the situation at the school and which activities should be prioritized during the year. A couple of years ago, the school carried out a major training effort where all the school's managers were invited to participate in a 3-day course on the theme of "inclusive leadership". The program gave the school's managers a good basis for continued work on these issues. For the coming year, we are planning shorter meetings for managers and teachers, to increase their knowledge and provide tools for working with difficult issues in a few selected areas. A central part of such meetings will be the discussions and exchange of experiences between colleagues from different parts of the school.

An important issue that we discussed at the meeting was activities for expanded recruitment and reception. We believe that there is much more that we on the school's side can do to make new students feel at home and comfortable at KTH, both in terms of the first time as a newly admitted student, and during the rest of their studies. This will be a priority issue during the year and we hope to have new ideas in place already at the autumn reception.