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Published Jan 17, 2020

A new framework agreement on occupational health care and student health is in place, and the framework agreement for consulting services and research funding EU projects expires. Read the latest news from purchasing and procurement.

New framework agreement - occupational health care and student health

From January 1, 2020, KTH uses Student Health in Stockholm for its students. For more information see KTH Student Health Services .

For employees, from January 1, 2020, a new agreement with Avonova, which is called off from the state framework agreement for occupational health care, applies. The overall mission is to work together with KTH to prevent and eliminate health risks, work-related ill-health and accidents at the workplace. More information can be found in the contract database .

Correction from previous Thursday news - everyday representation

Compass Group does not deliver on KTH Campus, see updated list of suppliers and campus on the Catering Services page  on KTH's intranet (in swedish).


  • Spring is no longer automatically included in the delivery of coffee / tea, but the customer must specify it separately if desired.
  • Napkins, mugs, spoons, cutlery etc are also not included automatically, it is the customer's responsibility to notify if needed.

Work is underway to post information in the contract database and in Wisum for ordering.

Expiring: The framework agreement for consulting services, research funding EU projects

The framework agreement, which includes support for the researcher in whole or part of the application process in research areas such as energy, life sciences and ICT, expires on January 31 this year and cannot be extended. New procurement is ongoing, but a more accurate timetable is not ready at this time.

We therefore recommend to anyone who needs the service to order before the framework agreement expires, even if the actual delivery takes place after January 31. The order itself should go via Maria Gustafson, RSO, , who can be contacted for more information.

Expiring: The framework agreement for audit reports / audit certificates for individual research projects

The framework agreement with KPMG expires on February 28. New procurement is ongoing, and we believe a new contract will be ready in the spring of 2020. We recommend anyone who needs reports and certificates to order these before the contract expires, even if the actual delivery takes place after 28/2.

Name change: framework agreement supplier for household appliances

As we have previously stated, SU has signed a framework agreement on appliances for "household and office use", which KTH can also call off from.

The kitchen warehouse supplier is included in the TRETTI appliances chain from January 1, 2020.

Examples of products are refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, kettles and coffee makers.

More information will be included in our contract database shortly.

Currently, the products can be ordered through free text searches in Wisum. Read more in Wisum under the product catalog Appliances & Household Machines.

Contracts follow-up

Work is in progress with reports and summaries regarding purchases for 2019 and we will return with a summary regarding this.

Staff news from purchasing and procurement

Our contract controller Calle Bonde goes on parental leave in March and his substitute Niclas Sandin starts on January 20.

Since Monday, a new procurement manager is in place. Her name is Åsa Sundqvist Olsson.

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