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Time for staff meetings

Published Apr 08, 2021

Over the next two weeks, staff meetings will be held at the CBH School.

The staff meetings are led by the Head of School Mikael Lindström who gives us the latest information from CBH's operations. This time, he will also take up the work with KTH's review of the joint operational support. All school employees are warmly welcome to participate!

Meeting times and dates

Thursday 2021-04-15, 09.00-10.00, SciLife Campus, Zoom

Zoom link:

Friday 2021-04-16, 12.00-13.00, Campus Valhallavägen, Zoom

Zoom link:

Monday 2021-04-19, 12.00-13.00, Campus Flemingsberg, Zoom

Zoom link:

Thursday 2021-04-22, 12.00-13.00, Campus AlbaNova, Zoom

Zoom link: