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After the merger of KTH’s Support Services – what happens now?

Smiling woman outdoors.
CBH’s Head of Administration Marie Larson. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
Published Jan 18, 2023

On January 1, 2023, CBH’s administration merged with the services at the other schools and what was previously called the University Administration (Swedish abbreviation GVS), into a joint organization under the new name Support Services (Swedish abbreviation VS). CBH’s administration is now called the Department for Support Services CBH.

However, according to CBH’s Head of Administration Marie Larson, the fusion should not entail any noticeable changes for those working at CBH.

“The organizational transition in itself should not be noticed, we change the names of our organizational units within the administration and have to update our systems, in the same way as when we became CBH,” says Marie Larson.

“The joint work with the merger and analysis of the support services started last year and we can see a lot of exciting opportunities for development and collaboration in order to achieve a more coordinated and efficient support for the business.”

What will this mean for the business?

”We hope that it will not be noticed. Even if we are no longer organizationally a part of CBH, vi still want to feel like it. We also have a new Acting Head of School and we proceed in the same way as before. We see the importance of working close to business, we cooperate and participate in relevant meetings and groups and this we shall defend and continue doing.”

“I hope that we from CBH can contribute in the work with the merger with our experiences from our previous school merger, as well as the experience of conducting business on different campuses. It is hard to say now how it is going to be, but it is a long-term work and we shall all do our best to make this as good as possible.”

“If you have any questions or thoughts, you are always welcome to get in touch with me. We are planning on finding ways to have continuous dialogues between us who work in the support services and all co-workers at CBH,” says Marie Larson.

Text: Sabina Fabrizi