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Long delivery time on laptops and monitors

Published Jun 03, 2021

At the moment, it can take a long time to get a new computer, monitor or other IT product due to the lack of materials that prevails internationally. Below is information and recommendations from KTH E-commerce and the IT department regarding IT products during 2021-2022.

Recently, we have received recurring indications from the manufacturers of IT products (via suppliers) about major delivery problems due to material shortages, which affect the whole world. The forecast is that this will continue during the remainder of 2021 and probably also during parts of 2022.

The large backlog that already exists and is being built on by the manufacturers indicates in some cases that placed orders tentatively have a delivery date in November/December. It can also be mentioned that the computers that are in stock at distributors (ready-made general, non-changeable) disappear as quickly as they come in, so the stock status seen in the e-commerce system is unfortunately not reliable. The biggest problem is in the segment of laptops and screens.

We urge you to review your need for at least 6-9 months already, some schools have acquired a small stock at the school, which makes them less vulnerable. See if your existing computers can be reused until the market catches up. Within the IT department, we have purchased a number of computers that can be used as loan computers, but as these are relatively few, they should only be used in case of emergency (broken or stolen computer).

The IT department continuously reviews the possibility of supplementing the product flora for certified models that meet the basic requirements for a stable and secure computer environment.

Contact your department's IT contact person at CBH  if you acquire assistance.