Mikael on the plans for autumn

Published May 29, 2020

Head of School Mikael Lindström on when the decision from the Public Health Authority is expected to come, and when to expect a decision from KTH’s President.

As I write this introduction to CBH News on Thursday, I had hoped to be able to give an idea of ​​what work at our school will look like in the autumn of 2020. When you read this, it is possible that the Public Health Authority has come up with new guidelines for universities and colleges, otherwise they will come by Monday next week. The idea is that on Tuesday next week the President will make a number of decisions about how KTH can return to something more similar to a normal situation during the autumn. Already, I can say that the foundation year programme, first year students and laboratory activities will be prioritized when it comes to physical attendance at KTH. The return of employees to our various campuses will come second, after teaching. For others, we will probably have a mix of working at home and being physically present at KTH during the fall. The major challenge will be the public journeys, if, for example, Stockholm University and KTH students travel to school it usually means 60,000 students on the red line every day.

In our commitment to exercise, “KTH Active Together”, our school currently shares first place with the EESC School. We also have a team, ”Happiest Feet CBH, which ranks 1st among KTH's 92 teams. Keep fighting everyone at CBH! The competition will be decided on June 15.

I wish you all a sunny and restful weekend