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Mikael on external research funding

Published Jun 10, 2021

Head of School Mikael Lindström writes about the CBH School's active work with external research funding, the upcoming CBH School Assembly meeting and training in inclusive leadership.

The CBH School continues to be very active and successful in the work of attracting external research grants. In the past week, the CBH School has received a large number of grant research projects within, for example, Vinnova's call for resource-smart processes. Our younger employees have also been successful and in the Swedish Research Council's International Postdoctoral Application, gratifyingly enough, two employees from the Chemistry Department: Yuye Zhou, Applied Physical Chemistry, and Lizhou Fan, Organic Chemistry, received the grant. A total of 14 such grants were awarded in the natural sciences and technology area throughout Sweden. KTH received 3 grants in total. Congratulations!

At KTH's Strategic Council, which met during the week, we discussed with the dean what we at KTH mean by academic citizenship and that will also be the theme for CBH School Assembly meeting on 16 June at 14-16 (via zoom). You are very welcome to give your view on "academic citizenship" or learn more about the subject!

On the theme of including leadership and values, all CBH's managers carry out a three-day training during spring 2021, which is led by the Business Leadership Academy, and we have reached day three. The arrangement also includes two "workshops" in the own department. Feel free to participate in these when you receive an invitation from the nearest manager. Leadership development needs to be carried out close to the organization to benefit it.