Mikael on wellness and a ministerial visit

Published May 20, 2020

Head of School Mikael Lindström writes about the KTH Active Together wellness initiative, a ministerial visit to the CBH School and the latest meeting with KTH's coordination group regarding Covid-19.

Dear collegues!

I hope that many of you are now up and running with KTH Active Together. It's a fun activity where we push each other to move and exercise more. Everyone can participate – on equal terms, regardless of exercise level. Extended registration period until May 20! I have joined the team Happy Feet and we are currently in place 47, with fierce competition from the team Happier Feet.

Last Thursday, the Minister of Higher Education, Matilda Ernkrans ,and the Minister of Social Affairs, Lena Hallengren, visited the CBH School at Albanova. During the visit, researchers Sophia Hober and Niclas Roxhed talked about their respective groups' research on corona tests. Sophia Hober works with antibody tests on a large scale, to see who has had covid-19, and Niclas Roxhed tests Stockholmers via home tests to see if they have or have had covid-19. The purpose of the visit was to give the ministers the opportunity to learn more about two of the larger projects in covid-19 research. Our president also attended and said that it is interesting to follow the development of the test methods and predictions about the percentage of certain groups that show antibodies to the viral disease.

Last week, KTH's coordination group on covid-19 gathered. The extended crisis group had frequent meetings at the beginning of the crisis. There were several things that were discussed and a lot of it had to do with education this fall. As we know, the reexamination period will be held online in August. We are still awaiting the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Authority regarding upper secondary and post-secondary education starting HT2020, which is said to come at the end of May or at the beginning of June.

With hope a fine Christ's Ascension weekend


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