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Mikael on working on campus

Published Nov 04, 2020

Head of School, Mikael Lindström, writes about the temporary changes in recommendations for working on campus, due to the spread of Covid-19.

We hoped that the pandemic situation would look different today, but the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Stockholm County has increased sharply in recent weeks. Therefore, the Swedish Public Health Agency, in consultation with, among others, the infection control doctors in Stockholm, has decided on stricter general advice. These local general guidelines apply from October 29 and for a limited time to further curb local outbreaks.

This applies to CBH staff:

  • All staff who can work from home should continue to work remotely. Physical presence at KTH must be anchored with the immediate manager. The main goal is that everyone who is dependent on physical presence at KTH for their activities to be able to work on site in safe ways.
  • Meetings and seminars should be held digitally unless the nature of the meeting or other rules require physical attendance (e.g. campus teaching). Smaller meetings (for example research groups or supervision groups) can, if necessary, be carried out physically, provided that the requirements for social distancing can be met. Dissertations during Autumn 20 and the first quarter of 2021 should, where possible, be held digitally. We should refrain from arranging Christmas dinners and Christmas lunches.

These recommendations have been discussed in consultation with the CBH School's management team (2020-11-02).

This applies to students:

  • Those who do not have scheduled teaching on campus or laboratory work are encouraged to sit at home and study and thus avoid going to campus. Recommendations from the public authorities should be adhered to.
  • Access to KTH's premises may be limited in terms of opening hours and accessibility. Read more about what applies to the KTH Library  and KTH Entré .

I know that you’re all doing a fantastic job and the best you can in a difficult situation. I give you my warm thanks for that!