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Mikael on restrictions and third-cycle education

Published Mar 18, 2021

Head of school Mikael Lindström writes about the latest information from KTH's coordination meeting on Covid-19 and UKÄ's ongoing evaluation of third-cycle education at the CBH School.

Last week, the KTH coordination meeting was held regarding the ongoing pandemic. One of the points was to prepare answers to eight questions that all higher education institutions received via SUHF, but which originally come from the Ministry of Education. The Minister of Higher Education and Research once again needs an updated picture, mainly to be able to meet the forces that want to see a total lockdown of universities.

Our message will be that with the restrictions that are in place, we minimize the spread of infection while maintaining the education and research quality, and to convey our concern that a total shutdown could threaten students' pace of study and the quality of education.

Our doctoral program in chemistry is currently being evaluated and UKÄ's (Swedish Higher Education authority) assessment groups have already interviewed the subject areas of analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. Next week, the focus is on organic chemistry. We can expect the results of the evaluation at the beginning of the summer, but one of the questions that have been raised is how preparatory the doctoral program is for what awaits after graduation.

At the school-level, we have made attempts to prepare our doctoral students. For example, in connection with PhD-day, we have invited "doctoral student alumni" to give an idea of ​​what it is like to work as a post-doc. There is a lot our doctoral students will have to make time for during their education, but I think we need to add a certain school-wide element of "career coaching".