Mikael about teaching this fall

Published May 07, 2020

Head of School Mikael Lindström informs about what the teaching at the CBH School will look like this fall.

Dear collegues,

More and more of us are affected by the corona pandemic in other ways than just how we have changed our way of carrying out our main tasks such as education, research and collaboration. By now, some of us have someone close who has passed away in covid-19. We give a warm thought to you from all of us at the school.

I get questions about what autumn's teaching will look like, and as of yet there are no changed guidelines from the Public Health Authority. All education at universities shall continue to be held online. KTH plans, as the first alternative, to have a physical presence of our students here on campus from period one in August. This means that we employees will probably continue to work remotely where possible until our summer vacations.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the CBH School bought 130,000 assays (kits) for covid-19 from a company and, pleasantly, these have now been delivered to the Public Health Agency at a self-cost price. A big thank you to Professor Mathias Uhlén for the initiative and our other CBH researchers who make a great contribution to the diagnostics. Learn more in CBH News.

Take care!