KTH is opening for on-campus education in the autumn

Published Jun 05, 2020

Head of School at CBH, Mikael Lindström, writes about the presidents decision that KTH is opening for on-campus education for the autumn semester 2020.

Dear colleagues!

On Thursday, the President decided that KTH is opening for on-campus education for the autumn semester 2020 and has decided to gradually give students access to all KTH premises starting Saturday 1 August 2020. This decision will be valid until 15 January 2021, however, is subject to change based on the information and recommendations made by the government and other public authorities.

Teaching can be carried out on all KTH-campuses in accordance to the government’s information and the recommendations made by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Educational programming that is normally held in lecture halls will be carried out in alternative formats from the autumn semester. The CBH School is currently working on identifying those of our courses that will be affected. Our GA Mats Nilsson is in charge of this and more details will be revealed soon.

Starting autumn semester, beginning 24 August 2020, examinations shall primarily be carried out through other methods than in-class examinations. In-class examinations may be carried out if it there are pedagogical reasons. Written examinations supervised over Zoom will be phased out during the autumn semester.

The defense of doctoral theses may be held on campus from the beginning of the autumn semester. The opportunity to participate in a doctoral thesis defense remotely will remain.

When KTH opens for on-campus based education in the autumn semester, some of the welcome activities for new students will be carried out digitally instead of in-person information sessions in auditoriums. Other parts of the welcome activities will take place on campus. The CBH School will work out the details of this within the next few weeks.

The President will decide on guidelines for returning to the workplace on campus for KTH's staff in the coming weeks.


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