New framework agreements signed

Published Nov 21, 2019

Framework agreements for signs and for everyday representation have been signed.
Signing of agreements is in progress for inventory and fitment for homelike environments.

Framework agreement for signs as now been signed, with an agreement period from 2019-11-01 to 2021-10-31. thereafter the agreement can be prolonged 1+1 years. The agreeement applies to all external, internal and facade signage at KTH. Chosen provider is Skyltbolaget i Nykvarn AB. Orders can be placed in Wisum, more information will follow.

Everyday representation

Contact CBH Servicecenter

Everyday representation includes the services catering, eating on-site at a provider's, as well as take away. The following providers have been adopted:

KTH Campus (Valhallavägen and its wider region and AlbaNova), eating on-site at a provider's, and take away
Fågelängens Catering
Högskolerestauranger (HÖRS)
Syster O Bror Catering
Hurtigs Barncafé (Stories KTHB)

KTH Solna catering, eating on-site at a provider's, and take away
Compass Group AB
Sodexo AB
Hurtigs Barncafé

KTH Kista
Compass Group (catering, eating on-site at a provider's, and take away)
Fågelängens catering (catering)
Memory Hotel (eating on-site)

KTH Södertälje
Compass Group AB (eating on-site at a provider's, and take away). New procurement for catering is carried out Q4 2019.

KTH Flemingsberg
Fågelängens Catering, for catering
Högskolerestauranger (HÖRS), catering, eating on-site at a provider's, take away
Stockholm Food Catering & Event (take away and eating on-site)
Hurtigs Barncafé, catering, eating on-site, take away

Mathem and foodstuff

In the run-up to Christmas, the manager of purchase and procurement also wants to remind about that KTH has a framework agreement with Mathem on foodstuff of consumer nature, such as Christmas ginger bread cookies and other coffee break foodstuff for common spaces, breakfast goods if division/working group wants to arrange its "own" breakfast, coffee/tea for its own brewer (not machines via government framework agreement).

Christmas gifts

For Christmas gifts, we preferably use the framework agreement for profile products with PGM, orders are placed in Wisum. In the agreement, gift cards are also included. For Christmas gifts in the form of flowers, our framework agreement for flowers is used.

Inventory and fitment for homelike environments

For inventory and fitment for homelike environments, for instance student and researcher housing, as well as kitchenettes at workplaces at KTH and SU, signing of agreeement with provider IKEA is in progress.

Contact Gustav Erlandsson

Expiring framework agreements

Personal computers (Client agreement), PC Win resp Apple/MacOS – the agreement is being reviewed. What applies?

The plan has been that the new agreement shall enter into force from December 1 and replace the current framework agreement which expires on the last day of November. But on November 6 it became clear that this framework agreement procurement is being delayed because of review. The matter now lies with the administrative court and it is unclear how much time the process will take. But the risk is evident that there will not be a new framework agreement in place for December 1.

Together with among others the IT department, the purchase and procurement department is now looking for a suitable solution during the agreement free period and will get back with information.

Conferences and meetings in Sweden

For external meetings and conferences in Sweden, KTH uses the government framework agreement. The framework agreement expires on December 31 2019. For those of you who are planning a conference outside of KTH in Q1 2020, we recommend you to order on the existing agreement before the end of the year. If you confirm the booking before the framework agreements have expired, you can use it also for 2020 with corresponding prices and conditions.
The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) is now performing a new procurement and estimates that the agreement will be signed during January/February.