New taxi agreement in place

Published May 20, 2020

The implementation phase of the taxi agreement is now in place. You can book your taxi trip with Cabonline (NOTE: do no book directly with the suppliers, Sverigetaxi or Taxi Kurir).

Stockholms University has procured framework agreements for taxi services, which KTH can also order from (so-called application agreements). The agreement is valid from 9 September 2019 and is signed with two suppliers Sverigetaxi and Taxi Kurir who have a shared ordering center, Cabonline.

The agreement covers the purchase and delivery order of taxi services (to and from airport / train and other taxi journeys) throughout Stockholm County.

How to book order a taxi

Orders are made primarily (recommended in the first place) via Cabonline's application on your mobile or tablet, see attached manual below and follow the instructions to get started and create a login. It is possible to make an order via the web or by phone.

Manual: KTH Cabonline - Book through App and web (pdf 1.7 MB)

You can order a taxi for now or later, cancel and repeat the travel order as well as add advanced options (Environmental car / combination car / electric car).

You will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail, as well as information in the app (as according to the unit setting of Swedish /English). When booking via the web, a booking confirmation is also be sent via SMS.

Traveler Profile – Settings in the App / the Web:

The first thing you do after you download the app or open the web page and log in, check your mobile number in the app / web page.

It is important that the mobile number in your profile is correct. If there is an incorrect mobile number in the App / website, log in to KTH-RES / My profile and update as shown below:

  • Country code: 46 (no initial zeros for example 0046 for Sweden)
  • Area code: 70 (no initial zeros for example 070)
  • Mobile number: 7200888

Changing / updating your profile is always done in KTH-RES / My profile (not in the App/website). Note! That the update can take up to one business day.

Taxi trips, to and from other airports / trains in Sweden and abroad (where it is possible to book) are booked with Egencia.

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