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CBH student receives Professor Wallquist’s Study Medal

Moira Ek.
Published Jun 08, 2021

Moira Ek, a doctoral student in Protein Engineering and a former Master’s student in biotechnology, has been awarded Professor Wallquist's study medal. This is the first time since the school merger that a CBH student has received the award.

”It feels great! But that is probably the answer you usually get to that question,” says Moira Ek.

Gunnar Wallquist's silver medal for outstanding academic performance is awarded annually to a KTH student who has achieved unusually good study results. Something that rings true for Moira Ek, who got straight A’s in all her subjects and received several scholarships for good study results. Now, she has started her doctoral studies.

“I am at the Department of Protein Science now and work with protein engineering, specifically to try to find affinity proteins against targets in neurodegenerative diseases, especially dementia. I think that it's super exciting!”

In short, Moira Ek ended up at the Department of Protein Science because she did her degree project there and then stayed. But it was also an active choice as she had a personal interest in neurodegenerative diseases.

”There is a lot of cancer research when dealing with biotechnology, and it never really interested me that much. And neurodegenerative diseases feels a bit under-researched in relation to that,” says Moira Ek.

When did you decide that you wanted to become a researcher?

”It was probably quite early. I had that idea when I was in high school, I think. And it just stayed with me. I had some doubts for a while during my KTH time, but then it happened anyway.”

What are your goals for your research?

“As it is now, I am interested in continuing within the academy. But at the same time, I have not even finished a year as a doctoral student, so in four more years I may be tired of this,” says Moira Ek and laughs.

Text: Jon Lindhe

Professor Wallquist’s Study Medal

One student a year can be rewarded with Professor Wallquist's study medal for outstanding academic performance. The requirements are that the student has followed the tuition and has passed in all subjects in the programme during the academic year which have included examinations. Not a single trailing course is allowed.

All programs at KTH have the opportunity to nominate one student each of those who have graduated in the previous academic year.

The nominations are handled by the foundation function at GVS and the chairman of KTH's scholarship council makes the decision on the recipient of the study medal, which is awarded in connection with the diploma presentation in May.

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