How to manage your business trips

Published Sep 23, 2019

In order to clarify how meetings and trips should be managed at the workplace, KTH have produced guidelines. Below, you can find a step-by-step description of how to proceed before and after a business trip.

The guidelines have been revised and decided by the president  and are aimed at achieving a more effective governance and management, which is important in many respects, such as safety, work environment, time, economy and environment.

Step 1 - Travel order

Business trips shall always be approved by the immediate superior before the trip takes place, through an attested travel order in KTH-RES.


A travel order is your proof that the business trip is ordered and that rules of insurance and travel benefits are applicable to the trip.

If something happens on your trip, you shall be able to prove to the insurance provider that the trip has occurred in the line of duty.

Quick reference guide for travel order in KTH-RES

Travel → Action create a Travel request → Write the information → Write the information → Save → Send for Approval

Everything is then booked via KTH´s tour operator.

Use the procured travel agency:

Book flight, train, hotel and transfer (eg. airport coach or Arlanda Express) through travel agency Egencia which bills KTH. Booking of trips in a different way infringes the framework agreement that KTH has signed with Egencia.

Step 2 – Travel expense report

You write the travel expense report in KTH-RES as quickly as possible after the trip is completed in order to receive eventual travel allowance. You can link it to already entered information in the travel order so they will receive the same travel expense report number.

Retrieve the travel order in KTH's travel management system and enter info/comments/attachments.

Remember to print out, attach all materials assembled. Hand in on your site to HR- Travel expense reports.

*Expenses – all receipts on separate sheet

* Purpose of the trip (materials e.g. conference program/invitation/certificate/mail)

  * Travel materials/document from Egencia/Itinerary

  *Interruption - follow KTH's policy

*Deviations must be documented by traveller. Explain in written form why you haven't used the procured travel agency

Business trip step by step