Professional support at CBH during summer

Published Jun 17, 2020

During the summer the Professional support at CBH is manned, but to a limited extent. The response times may be slightly longer.

CBH Servicecenter

The staffing at CBH Servicecenter vary during the summer (v.28-32) with slightly longer response times as a result. But at least one person will always be on call and all cases can be sent to the service email  as usual.

Professional support

The finance unit can reached as usual at

The HR unit can be reached as usual at

Questions for the rest of the administration can be sent to  during the summer.

The purchasing manager will be on vacation v.29.32, please contact

Education support

Study Councellor ni Flemingsberg, during v.29-31 please contact

Study Councellor Campus Valhallavägen, during v.27-29 please contact

Research Educational Administrative Officer, during v.28-30 please contact

Student office biology, during v.27-30 please contact

Student office chemistry, during v.27-30 please contact

Student office Flemingsberg, during v.28-31 please contact

At least one international coordinator will be on site all summer.

Contact the educational administration

IT support

Campus Valhallavägen and Albanova,  will be read less frequent during the summer

FPT contact

If your case is critical, please contact KTH's central IT department:

Goods reception

The goods receptions in Flemingsberg and at Valhallavägen will be manned as usual during the summer.

The recruitment system closed

Between 13 July and 3 August, our recruitment system, Varbi, is closed for new advertisements or prolongations of ongoing recruitments. The deadline for publication is Wednesday, 8 July. All other functions work as usual.

Agreements that needs review and signature by RSO before summer

During summer, Research Support Office (RSO), will not be fully staffed which means some cases will take longer to expedite. Completing a case often requires the participation and review of several officers, since summer vacations are approaching RSO kindly asks you to send any agreements that will require legal review and signature before summer, as soon as possible.

CBH News will take a break

The newsletter CBH News takes a summer break and the last issue will be sent 18 June. CBH News will be back again 13 August.

Encode your extension

KTH Switchboard reminds you to encode your extension during your vacation.

Encode your extension

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