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PhD Council

The CBH PhD Council it is an official body from the PhD chapter and has the objective to represent doctoral students in important matters at KTH. Each School at KTH has its own council.

As council members our goal is to improve the quality of research and education for the doctoral students, as well as improving their everyday life.

The members of the PhD Council are elected once a year among the PhD students on a voluntary base trying to cover all the different educational programs at postgraduate level at CBH. During the year we take part in important decisions such as representation in recruitment/promotion meetings, CBH-level and department-level management meetings, education quality meetings and JML (equality) meetings. To promote collaboration and helping PhD students to make new friends, we also organize events such as weekly sports, barbeques, outdoor events and much more. We are always available for getting in touch with the CBH doctoral students and trying to help them if they ask us to.

Testimonials from former council members

Portrait photo of Martina Butori.

Martina Butori

“Being part of the PhD council has been an insightful experience. During these two years as council member, I had the opportunity to see how KTH and CBH work “behind the scenes” and to represent my fellow PhD students in important matters. I had the chance to create the Q&A for PhD Students which I think can be useful for new students to find important information. It was also very funny to organise social events like the scavenger hunt and the PhD barbecue. Overall, I would absolutely recommend the PhD students to take part in the council.”

Smiling woman.

Elise Farah

“I have been part of the PhD Council for two years in a row. Although a bit time-consuming, it gave me the opportunity to have a closer look on how KTH works and that doctoral students can be part of the decision-making process. It also highlighted the problems which have an impact on the research within the current structure, giving us as a council the opportunity to push for solutions. I also got to be part of really cool events and meet great people whether students or professors/administrators who I wouldn’t have met in other ways. In general, I am very grateful for the experience, the skills, and the friends that I have gained during my time as a representative.”

Man with a mustache.

Juan De Gracia Triviño

“Participating in the council gave me the chance to understand better how KTH works and how much influence PhD students can have in relevant decision-making processes. During my time on the council, I had the chance to participate in the promotion and recruiting committees, help to create new courses for PhD students and take actions to improve the quality of our studies. Finally, I shared a great time with other PhD students in social events and during the meetings, which made the work much more enjoyable.”


Every week the CBH PhD Council offers the possibility to practice sport at KTH Hallen. We organize many different sports among which volleyball, badminton and innebandy. We believe that it is a good opportunity to exercise while making new friends. From this year we also have padel tennis at Flemingsberg campus. To not miss any update, follow the council weekly newsletter.

After last year’s success, the CBH PhD Council will continue organizing the treasure hunt this year too! During this event, groups of students walked around the city to collect all the hints while enjoying the most beautiful viewpoints in Stockholm. The fastest team to find all the keys got free tickets for the Fotografiska. Free tickets were also given to the team that won the photography competition. All the competing groups were also rewarded with a nice dinner at the final spot.


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