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School Management Group

The school management group at the CBH School.


The management group deals with all strategic and operational issues of particular importance are dealt with and school head decisions of dignity are anchored.

The group is an advisory body to the head of school in matters of the development plan, budget and operational plan, the school's organization, school policy matters and other significant matters of an operational nature.


Amelie Eriksson Karlström, Head of School

Group members

Sebastiaan Meijer, Dept Head of School, Head of Department Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems
Mats Jonsson, Dept Head of School, FFA
Istvan Furo, Head of Department Chemistry
Carina Lagergren, Head of Department Chemical Engineering
Daniel Söderberg, Head of Department Fibre and Polymer Technology
Peter Savolainen Head of Department Gene Technology
Cecilia Williams Head of Department Protein Science
Antonius Van Maris, Head of Department Industrial Biotechnology
Sara Thyberg Naumann, Head of Department Engineering Pedagogics
Christina Divne, Director of Third Cycle Education
Mats Nilsson, Director of First and Second Cycle Education
Marie Larson, Head of Administration
Lena Niemi Birgersdotter, HR Manager
Simon Barsaum, Finance Manager
Sabina Fabrizi, Communications Manager
Camilla Johansson, Organization developer
Nima Mirzaei, Doctoral Student Representative
Elsa Berlin, THS Representative