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Environmental and lab safety group

The CBH school's environmental and lab safety group works together with the school management.
The group is led by the school's lab safety coordinator and includes the infrastructure manager and representatives from each department.


The goal of the environmental and lab safety group:

  • Communicate the group's work to CBH
  • Handle questions and proposals for improvement
  • Report status of the group's work
  • Contribute to the development of environmental and safety routines
  • Follow up suggestions and proposals

Group members

Members Function 

Lab safety coordinator, group responsible

Infrastructure manager, chemical manager

Curator, Campus Valhallavägen, AlbaNova

Lab safety coordinator, SciLifeLab

Gene Technology

Engineering Pedagogics

Chemical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

Protein Science (ScilifeLab)

Protein Science (Albanova)

Industrial Biotechnology


Fiber and Polymer Technology