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Programme Councils for First and Second Cycle Education

Quality issues and important administrative matters concerning first and second cycle education programs are taken in consultation with the programme's program council, led by the respective program manager. The program councils are advisory bodies to program managers. Several thematically related programs can have a common program board.

At CBH, we have four program councils in the following constellations:

  • Program advice BIO, for CBIOT, TIMBM, TMBIM, TMTLM
  • Program advice CHE, for CTKEM, TIKED, TKEMM, TMMMM, TMVTM
  • Program advice MED, for CMEDT, TIDTM, TIHLM, TTAHM, TMLEM
  • Program advice HING, for TIDAA, TIELA, TIMEL, TITEH


Program council meetings must be held twice per semester and more often if necessary. Notice of the meeting must be sent by e-mail no later than seven calendar days before the meeting. Questions that are dealt with in the program councils include the preparation of questions with a direct connection to the program's follow-up and quality development, among other things:

  • changes to course plans
  • proposed list of examiners before each academic year/calendar year as well as changes during the academic year/calendar year
  • development of course offerings
  • establishment of new course
  • cancellation of course
  • review and develop the program's course offerings and follow up on quality aspects based on course evaluations and course analyses
  • systematic quality assurance development work of the educational program
  • programme-specific measures for further training of teachers

In the program council sits the PA for included programs, an appointed PA acts as chairman, a student representative appointed by the section and possibly SNO or PAS.

The Program Council is supported by VS by an appointed administrator who, together with the chairman, prepares the agenda, sends notices and takes notes.