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Order catering

Do you need to order fika or lunch?

To place an order

Please contact Service Center as early as possible - preferably no later than four working days before the meeting. We will try to handle all requests, even at short notice, but depending on e.g. the supplier's requirements it may sometimes be difficult to arrange those orders.
If you have an order over 30 persons – make sure to contact us at least two weeks ahead.

To place an order (or request) please send us the following information to :

  • Purpose of meeting/event
  • Date of delivery
  • Time of delivery
  • Delivery address (venue and adress)
  • Number of guests
  • What would you like to order (please specify your request as closely as possible)
  • Any allergies/special dietary needs?
  • Name of requestor
  • Requestor's e-mail address
  • Name and cellphone number to the person on-site that will receive the order
  • KTH Invoice reference ("sakattest")

If you wish to order on your own, you can place the order yourself in Wisum.
For all catering orders, a participant list and purpose of the meeting is required when you
receive your invoice in EFH or expense report.