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Ph.D. Student

According to an desicion made by the previous rector in 2007, all doctoral advertisments must be announced together at five periods each year. In February, April, June, September and December.

Recrutiment process for Ph.D. students  

  1. Create a financial plan/budget and initiate the Green Light form
    Contact the finance department and your departments contact person to create an draft of the financial plan that covers the Ph.D. students four years. That same financial plan will be used in the addmittance process for doctoral studies later on in the process.
    Contact information to the finance deprtment  or e-mail

    Contact  for further assistance with the Green Light form.
    You can read more about that process here: Doctoral student admission process at CBH

  2.  Union collaboration group
    When the green light form is done and a financial plan is made, it will need to go through the school union collaboration groups meetings before advertising. The meetings are biweekly.

  3. Advertising
    Check what the next date for advertising is through the link below. Keep in mind that HR will need a couple of days to complete it.
    Then complete the recruitment profile which will b e the announcement.
    Let us know for how long you want the ad to be published, 10 days is a minimum - 3 weeks is the usual period.
    Dates for advertising at KTH and recruitment profile

  4. The recruitment system - Varbi  
    Contact HR if there is more people than yourself that will need to get access to the applications.
    If it is your first time using the recruitment system, check the link below. If you have an approximate time estimation. Please tell us, we get questions from the applicants about when a desicion is made.
    Manual recrutiment system

  5. Selection
    For useful tips when choosing the right candidate, check KTH webpage.
    When you have offered the position to an candidate, let HR know what starting date you are planning and we will contact the unsuccessful candidates with a standardized rejection e-mail. Depending on if the candidate is a Swedish or EU/EES citizen, the time line may vary.

    The candidate need a residence permit
    In order for a person, that does not come from a country that is connected to EU/EES, to work, study and live in Sweden.
    They will need a residence permit, in this case a residence permit for studying. In the application, they will need to send a copy of the addmitance letter for doctoral studies in order to get the residence permit. Beware that in some cases the Migration board does not approve of students coming to Sweden before the residence permit is given so do not encourage that without having the Migartion boards blessing.
    Relocation  - Encourage the applicant to register at Relocation for help with various questions and housing in Sweden.

  6. Addmittance to doctoral studies
    Before an employment contract can be signed, the applicant must be addmitted to a doctoral programme.
    For more information about the programmes: Doctoral programmes at the CBH school .
    For questions about the addmittance process: E-mail

  7. Employment contract
    HR will prepare an employment contract and collect all signatures when the previous steps are done.
    When the contract is signed by all, it will be sent to the salary department at KTH. The salary dept. will register the new Ph.D. student in our salary system HR+.

    When the registration is complete, the KTH-ID is gerenated and then the IT department (ITA) will create the KTH e-mail address.

    The salary will start in the first step of the doctoral ladder, which is updated annually:
    Doctoral student salary agreement

  8. Introduction
    Prepare the arrval of the newly employed and make sure some one, if not your self, takes care of you new employee. You are also welcome to come by HR with your new employee when he or she has access to the system so we can show them how the self reporting system works.But make an appointment if that is the goal.