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After your trip

When you've returned from your trip, it's time to create an expense report to get reimbursed for any expenses and allowances. You need to register this in KTH-RES and send any documents to the travel group.

 Apply for compensation for expenses and allowances

In order for you to receive reimbursement for your travel expenses, you need to make a travel expense report in KTH-RES  as soon as possible after returning home. KTH only reimburses travel expenses that are a maximum of one year old. If you have attached documents in your travel request you don´t have to add the same documents again, but you need to link them the travel request to your travel report.

Here´s help on how to create the expense report: 

Documentation to be attached to your expense report:

  1. Purpose of the trip or expenses (documentation such as conference program/invitation/certificate/e-mail)
  2. Travel documents/Itinerary (Flight dates and time) from Egencia. You can find the itenirary in Egencia when you have booked the flight.
  3. All original receipts, preferably numbered and taped on separate pages - NOTE, keep in mind the 1-year rule!
  4. Attach your boarding pass. If it is digital – save a copy!
  5. Copy of bank transactions when you have paid larger amounts.
  6. If you have stayed longer than the conference / course took place in connection with your trip, written information needs to be attached that explains the reason.
  7. In the event of any deviations from our procured services, a written explanation must also be attached to your expense report. An example is when booking a taxi in Sweden, if the taxi company Cabonline  can´t send a car at the desired time, you can call another company.

Try our checklist for what doucuments to add when claiming reimbursment for travel expenses: checklist for travel expenses (pdf 57 kB)

Send your expensereport and attachments

Depending on the type of documentation you report, you need to post or email your expenditure report.

 If you haven´t received any paper copies then you can just e-mail the expense report summary to

If the document contains paper receipts that you received physically at the time of payment, you must send these receipts in original to the travel group. Submit any original paper documents along with the expense report summary. (When you have successfully sent the expense report in KTH-RES, you will be prompted to print the summary from the system).

Paper documents are left or mailed to:


Travel administrator:
Eeva Lagerström
Visiting adress:
AlbaNova, 5th floor
Mailing adress:
Roslagstullsbacken 21,
114 21 Stockholm


Travel administrator:
Lena Isabar
Visiting adress:
Hälsovägen 11C, 7th floor
Mailing adress:
Hälsovägen 11C,
141 57 Huddinge


Travel administrator:
Eeva Lagerström
Visiting adress:
Gamma 7, SciLifeLab
Leave in reception for
Eeva Lagerström


Travel administrator:
Susanne Basely
Visiting adress:
Teknikringen 42,
where HR finance are seated.
Mailing adress:
Teknikringen 42,
114 28 Stockholm

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