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Questions and Answers

Commonly asked questions and answers. If the answers below still doesn´t fix your problem, you can always contact us for more help.

1. Egencia is telling me that I dont have a profile when im trying to book a new travel.

Answer: Since it is a new system supplier, you will need to approve GDPR again in order for it to work.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to new KTH- RES - KTH RES
  2. Click on "My profile".
  3. Choose "Traveler´s profile"
  4. Check the box in the yellow field to approve GDPR. Don´t forget to save!

Note! Wait at least 30 minutes before trying to book any trips.

2. I can´t find approver in my travel request/expense report, what do I do now?

Answer: This is ususally connected to the cost center field. The cost center field (it usually has your department name) is automatically pre-filled but with incorrect information even if it looks right. So you will need to change it. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the department name and click on the magnifying glass, then search for your cost center by writing your cost center code the in the second field from left, see picture.
    Choose the name that appears next to the cost center code, it may be the approvers name shown.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass, then search for your project number.
  3. Click on the magnifying glass, now you should be able to see a list of available approvers. Click on the right one.

It is very important that you always use the magnifying glass in these steps to get the right details. If you try and write in the field it may not work. When the cost center and project number are added in the right order, you should be able to search and find the approver. You don´t have to select cost center in the expenses, only the expense report.

3. Why do I need to create a travel request?

Answer: The travel request is your proof that the business trip was approved and that insurance regulations and travel benefits apply during the trip. If something happens on your trip, you must be able to prove to the insurer that the trip took place in the service.

4. Why havent I received my money yet?

Answer: The most common reason is beacuse you haven´t succesfully submitted your expense report. You can see the status of your report when you log in to KTH-RES. Look att dashboard, which is the first page you see when you have logged in. There are four fields with numbers. Look at "3. Review pending expense reports" too see the current status of your report. If its empty it might be beacuse you haven´t succesfully sent the report. It/they should be visible in the second field " 2. Create expense reports".

Guide to create an expense report

5. Where do I add cost center for my expenses?

Answer: In the expense report. It is possible to add project number or cost center in the expense directly, but not neccesary. That information can be added when making the expense report instead.

6. I have lost some original receipts, what do I do now?

Answer: If your manager can verify that you have made the expense, then that could replace the receipts in your travel request. Ask for an email or signed document and add in the travel report.

7. Why is the invoice for my business procured personal card (FUP) coming to me?

Answer: Beacuse FUP-cards are a personal debit card with personal liability. You need to make a travel bill in order to get reimbursed. Please read more here: Expenses and Eurocard

Did you not find your question here? If you can't find the information you seek in the travel pages,  you can always e-mail us at  for help and guidance.