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Create a travel request in KTH-RES

You book trips by flight, train transfer (such as airport shuttle) and hotel through the travel agency Egenicia. An invoice is then sent to KTH.

If its your first time you will need to activate your profile before you can book anything, read more on how here: Create/update your traveler profile

1. Log in to KTH-RES

Go to KTH's intranet, log in and then select Travel & Expenses (KTH-RES) in the Services top menu. You can also log in from the Business Travel website (KTH's intranet/About your employment/Business Travel).

2. Create a travel request

When you have logged in to KTH-RES, your dashboard is displayed with four boxes that show your created transactions and expense reports. In the upper menu, at the far left you can see the tab "Travel requests", click on it. If your trip is less than 100 km, you can click on the linked text "Egencia Online booking tool" and book your trip. If your trip is over 100 km, you must first create a travel request before booking anything.

Egencia Online booking

At the top of the page is a link to Egencia's booking portal under the heading General information called "Travel Agency Egencia Online booking portal".
Click on the link to get suggestions for travel and accommodation which you then use to estimate the total cost in the next step. Keep in mind that the earlier you book the trip, the lower the price will be. If you book via this digital booking portal, there are also no extra service fees as there are otherwise.

Create your request

Create a new travel request by typing a descriptive name suchs as conference or something others can understand, enter the date of departure and click on the blue button to the right that says Create +.

3. Adding all the details to the request

Additional Information

Select purpose of the trip.

Additional Trip Information (contains CBH specific instructions!)

Fill in the estimated cost for your trip in the field that says budget (if the cost is zero SEK, fill in 1 SEK and write in the description field that the trip will not cost anything for KTH).
Cost center are one of the fields that unfortunately will be pre-filled in the system but with incorrect information even though it looks right. So you will need to change it. Follow these steps in order:

1. Remove the department name
2. Click on the magnifying glass, then search for your cost center the in the second field from left named "cost center code". See picture.
3. Choose the name of your approver for the cost center.
4. Add project number by searching in the second field from left named "task name".
5. Search and choose approver with the magnifying glass.


Select purpose, planned dates to and from, number of days, location and country. Then press the blue check mark displayed to the right to save the trip.


Before you can complete the travel order, you need to fill in the Description with a little bit more information on the purpose for the trip. It is important that you state whether you intend to take a holiday in connection with the business trip or if you have companions on the trip.

Feel free to attach attachments such as conference invitations, programs, etc. so you do not have to do it when you then create the expense report after returning home. Then click on Submit to send it.

4. Send the travel request

If you are done, then click on "Submit" to send your travel request. Your travel request is now sent directly to your manager for approval.

5. Book the trip

You will receive an email from when your travel order is approved by your manager. You can then book the trip online through your travel order. Open the travel order and click on the link under General information called Travel Agency Egencia Online booking portal.

Note! Make sure to save all the receipts that are connected to your trip. You will need to add these to your expense report when you have arrived back from your trip.