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Create a new expense report

Here you can read about how to create an expense report in KTH-RES

How to register you expense

In order to be reimbursed for your expenses, you first need to create one or more transactions and then compile these in an expense report in KTH-RES. The expenditure report and associated documents are then sent to the travel administration for further processing.

1. Log in to KTH-RES

Go to KTH's intranet, log in and then select Travel & Expenses (KTH-RES) in the Services top menu. You can also log in from the Business Travel website (KTH's intranet/About your employment/Business Travel).

2. Convert your transaction to an expense report

When you have logged in, you are starting on the page called Dashboard. Here you can register the daily allowance by clicking on "Expenses+". Click anywhere on the transaction, see yellow marking below:

If you have a Eurocard, the transaction will be listed among other expenses. The list is sorted so that the most recent expenditure is last, but you can click on the date heading to change the sorting order to the opposite. You can distinguish your registered transaction by a symbol showing coins in a pile under "type".
Tick the box and click on the blue button "+ create a new report" to the right.

3. Add details to expense report

Don´t forget

Always delete the field cost center/dept name and re enter the correct one.

For video:

You will now see a smaller window pop up called "Create a new report". You will now need to add cost center, project number and approver. Follow the steps in order for it to work.

Name your report: Name it explanatory such as "books for project".

Cost center: There will be a pre-filled field with a department name here, this need to be deleted. Click on the magnifying glass and then search for the correct information by writing the name or reference (your four-digit letters). It will probably show the name of the project leader rather than dept name, that is correct. Click on the one that applies to you.

org eng

Project number: When you have added the cost center, you can search for the project number.Search for the project number named “task name” or "task code" using the magnifying glass icon, then you can choose the right project number from a list:

proj en

Travel Request: Not applicable here so just skip it.
Pick approver: Search for your approver by using the magnifying glass icon. Now you should see a list of approvers (if there is more than one), click on the correct approver.


Optional (activity code): Skip this.
Purpose: Select purpose of your expense report.
Employment number: Choose from the list, if you have several positions, more options will appear. Otherwise, you choose what is available.

Tick Save to save your report.

4. Upload documents in the expense report

In this step, you can make the final additions to the report and upload essential documents such as the purpose, the purchase decision (if this is applicable) and a copy of the receipt if this is not uploaded in the transaction.

5. Send your expense report for further processing

If you are ready, select "submit". Follow the instructions and print the report cover sheet.
You can also choose to save the report if you have more to add at a later time.

If there are no documents of payment created in paper or paper receipts (scanned or photografed documents or receipts are not original documents) then you may e-mail all documents incl. the expense report page in PDF format to . For a quicker processing, please upload all documents in KTH-RES. Especially if it is connected to a EU-project.

If you have paper receipts or other paper documentation:


Travel administrator:
Eeva Lagerström
Visiting adress:
AlbaNova, 5th floor
Mailing adress:
Roslagstullsbacken 21,
114 21 Stockholm


Travel administrator:
Lena Isabar
Visiting adress:
Hälsovägen 11C, 7th floor
Mailing adress:
Hälsovägen 11C,
141 57 Huddinge


Travel administrator:
Eeva Lagerström
Visiting adress:
Gamma 7, SciLifeLab
Leave in reception for
Eeva Lagerström


Travel administrator:
Susanne Basely
Visiting adress:
Teknikringen 42,
where HR finance are seated.
Mailing adress:
Teknikringen 42,
114 28 Stockholm