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Plan your trip

There are a few things to consider before you travel. On this page, we have collected important information as well as tips and advice for you who are going to travel.

Evaluate the need to travel

Do you need to travel in person or are there digital options?

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, KTH has guidelines for all meetings and trips, domestic and foreign, conducted by employees and non-employed persons. In the first place, KTH wants you to arrange free-of-charge options for meetings and events such as web, video or telephone conferences.

Think about planning and implementing your meetings and trips so that environmental impact is minimized and that the environmental aspect is weighed into all decisions regarding means of transport and accommodation.

Guidelines for meetings and travel

Check your destination

Check the Foreign Ministry's (UD) recommendations. 
You as a traveler must always check and follow the recommendations. Countries UD advises against (in Swedish.)  There is also an mobile app avaliable.

Make a risk assessment
What happens if you are ill in another country? Check the countrys entry rules about quarantine for example.

Watch out for predatory conferences
Predatory conferenses claim to be scholarly but are organized by an entity focused on financial gain rather than quality scholarship. Do some research before accepting.
Read more Predatory Conferences

Create a travel request

For trips longer than 100 km, you need to create a travel request.
The travel request is your proof that the business trip was approved beforehand and that insurance regulations and travel benefits apply during the trip. If something happens on your trip, you must be able to prove to the insurer that the trip took place in the service.

Make sure to always book flights, trains, hotels and transfers (e.g. airport shuttle or Arlanda Express) via the procured travel agency Egencia, which then invoices KTH. ATT! If you need to use another service, do not use Airbnb or book through similar intermediary services as they are intended for private individuals. Expenses for Airbnb will not be reimbursed.

Taxi in Sweden is booked via Cabonline, read more here: How to book via Cabonline .
ATT! If you need to use another taxi service within Sweden, do not use UBER, Bolt or similar services as they are intended for private individuals.

Start creating a travel request in KTH-RES, here is a detailed guide on how: Create a travel request in KTH-RES

Business travel insurance

All business trips at KTH are covered by an business travel insurance through Kammarkollegiet. Contact us at  before leaving and we will provide you with the neccesary papers to bring on the trip.
If you are travelling to a country within EU/EEA or Switzerland you should also apply for a "European Medical Insurance Card" (EU Card) from Försäkringskassan.
Read more about insurance and how to apply here: Business travel insurance

Business procured private card (FUP)

Do you travel alot?There is a business procured personal card (FUP)/Eurocard that is a debit card with an extended payment period of 30 days. That gives you time to get reimbursed through KTH-RES before the invoice comes to your home adress. There is no cost for the card itself but only avaliable to employees.
Apply here: Get an Eurocard - Business procured personal card (FUP)